Saturday, August 1, 2009

There's breakfast...but no milk...and long live BDS mom used to buy this cereal more often, when I was in college. I stopped by the new grocery store down the street from her house yesterday and had to get some...

Little did I know, there's no milk in the house. Boo! But all is well, Reese's Puffs are still delightful eaten in handfuls right out of the box. Good thing! I love how they tell you it's a good source of calcium & vitamin D. Whew...'cause I was buying this with vitamins in mind.

I have to tell you that you must must see my brother's band sometime, Benjamin del Shreve. They were so much fun last night! I know I'm a little biased, but after living in Nashville for so long, hearing SO many live shows (most of which were awesome and I do love my Nashvegas) it's just so rare to go to a show where you dance the whole good solid rock 'n roll.

Fellow Nashvillians...we MUST find a way to get them to come play in Nashville. If you read this and have a band or a backyard or something, set it up. K? Loves and to Branson, MO for the weekend with the fam.

"Hey man, I look good, I play guitar, can I have some money now?" - BDS

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Milton said...

Hey, who's that cute groupie with ya? Agreed. Great to hear some rock 'n roll. It was a great show.