Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay! Pig races at the fair

So, last night we headed to the Williamson County Fair. My best friend lives in Franklin and we wanted to meet up with her family and have some fun, fair-style. Before they got there we watched the Pig Races. SO freaking adorable. These little piglets got cheese curls if they won the race. Here they are speeding towards their treats!

They also had a baby goat race, a goose race, and a pot-bellied pig race. All these animals scaled off the charts for cuteness. You can tell they live in high-style too and don't lack for food and attention.

Next to the races was a tent with lots of animals...many goats, a few llamas, 3 camels, a kangaroo, some lovely adorable cows, some capibberas, a giant porcupine...we got to feed them all carrots and they were the highlight of my night. Camels are super whiskery! And adorable. There was one cute red and white cow with giant horns that would ever-so-gingerly eat a tiny carrot slice out of my hand. I almost died of cuteness.

Next we went and watched the kids ride some rides. I remember when the county fair used to be "the" thing to do...say in middle school. Now I must admit I'd never ride some of those rides I used to. The kids rode the little rides though and had a blast. Pinky got to ride a boat ride with Emma Cate and they loved it.

After rides, we went in and watched the dog trick show. It was a group of mostly border collies and Australian shepherds jumping and flipping to catch frisbees. It was so great! I always wanted to teach Mattie to do that, but she's afraid of frisbees...she runs away when I try to throw one to her...??? She loves the water hose, she's OBSESSED with the water hose.

I must say, I was quite impressed by the Wil.Co. fair. Lots to see and do even if you don't ride the rides. There wasn't much in the way of hand-made crafts, but there were plenty of other things to keep our interest (people-watching included!) We ended the night with a funnel cake, of course. Pinky's first one ever! I couldn't believe it. Now I can rest easy knowing he's had one though.

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