Thursday, August 27, 2009

Newest members of the family and the week of broken things...

Meet Salt n Pepa...they are the cutest! I found them today at Pier 1 and just had to bring them home. I am happy looking at them perched on my oven. I need their happiness after a day of technology gmail account got hacked and my phone was freaking out today. Sheesh! I need to have a break from electronics.

This is definitely the week of broken things. Our air conditioning is fixed now though!!! Pinky's car is in the shop from his little fender-bender last Friday.The plumber came to get an estimate today to fix our leaks under the house and hopefully, hopefully by September all will be repaired. It really does make you appreciate those months where stuff doesn't break as much. I think Mercury must be in retrograde or something (I heard that from a previous client of mine and I think it's good to blame things on the planets).

In good news, we're starting our monthly craft night next Thursday! The blog is a little sparse right now, but it's up. Craft Nashy

I'm very excited to go buy supplies tomorrow and then try my hand at a headband. I guess I do need to make an example first. We've gotten quite a few people interested and I'm super excited! I just hope there's no more hacking going on out there! Over it.


a mouse said...

cute peeps!!!! xoxo ♥ xoxo

thats my captcha word.
cha bollesss
cha bollesss
cha bolllleesssss
its a song :)

Laura said...

It's a latin dance song...or a virus. Hahaha...