Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Here is my latest attempt at being green...I bought a man's XL shirt at Goodwill and turned it into a skirt. I've seen many posts on CRAFT Magazine blog and elsewhere about how to do this.

I got the idea from those blogs, but then, since I hate to follow patterns or instructions, I kinda made it up on my own. I need to get some cord for the drawstring b/c I didn't cut a wide enough piece of fabric for my hand-made drawstring. It's horrible if you look close.

Essentially, you cut the bottom off of the dress shirt, under the arms, and fit it to your width by cutting some off of each side and sewing it back together. Super easy and quick. I'm just not so great at all the details yet, like neatness :)

I will attempt this again and be a little cleaner. This will make a good swimsuit cover up skirt...it's a tiny bit too see-thru. I want to make a dress out of one, but haven't figured out my plan of attack on that. I'm short, but no man's dress shirt is long enough from the arms down to cover enough for me to be lady-like. Stay tuned though!


a mouse said...

oooo such a clever idea!
i wish we still lived close
enough to craft together!

Laura said...

me toooo! We could set up our sewing machines next to each other and take breaks for anatomame and homemade ice cream pops!