Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off to the knit shop and buying a paint brush

Here is what today will consist of:
-go meet Tina at the knit shop in Brentwood and knit on some denim baby pants I'm making for a gift
-leave there and stop by a place that carries paint brushes so I can do the cutting in in the 1/2 bath I'm repainting
-come home, change, and start in on the trim and second coat of the bathroom; Pinky thinks I must only see in green b/c this is the third room in our house that will be a shade of green :)
-try to figure out how to watch Season 2 of Dr. Who while painting the bathroom...not sure how this is gonna work, but I'm gonna try

Let me just say, I LOVE these boots I have on in the photo. I bought them after a not so fun time about 5 years ago when I needed some serious retail therapy. They are my sh** kicking boots (mostly because at the time I bought them I wanted to kick the sh** out of someone!). They have become my favorite stand-bys. I never tire of them and though I'm only 5'3" they kinda make me look bad-ass. :)

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