Monday, August 3, 2009

What tha...?

What tha...?
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So, coming to you from Arkansas again today. We had a lovely 2 days in Branson, MO this weekend...complete with a trip to Silver Dollar City. Saturday before we left I went to lunch with Jon and was a great little Mexican place in Springdale. BUT...check out the menu prices on margaritas...really? Really.

$100 margarita...that's not in pesos btw...and it's NOT a pitcher. That Patron Platinum must have real platinum in it folks...crazy!! There's also an $80 margarita if you're feeling LESS spend-y. I couldn't pass up taking a picture.

Today I'm off to have coffee with my dear friend Mrs. Stephanie. She was like a third mom to me! She's the mother of one of my best friends and I sure did spend a lot of time at her house when I was growing up. After coffee with her, I'm off to another lunch with Jon and Shayla. Then, this evening, my sweet little brother and his lovely wife are cooking me dinner. What a great day! Hope you're having a great day, too :)

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Cassie Holder said...

wonderful to have you over to our little home last night! we really enjoyed the visit, hope you did too:) see you soon!