Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tomato FESTivities

Yay for East Nashville! We are so wonderful to have such a lovely festival that the whole city attends. Believe it or not, it was my first ever Tomato Fest. I've been either an honorary-East Nashvillian or a true East Nashy for a long time and I've never been! I've always had to work or something boring like that.

Well, I wasn't disappointed yesterday, that's for sure. We were having a leisurely morning, sipping coffee and watching Top Chef Masters when I heard a banging/bumping...we paused the TV. Pinky got up to look and exclaimed "There's a parade outside our house!" I threw on something that was not my PJ's and ran outside and low and behold, there was a Tomato Fest parade...all New Orleans-style (you should pronounce that New Orleeens). It was a blast, though we really just caught the end of it.

We headed to the festival at about noon and checked out a few booths. Of course our friends at Hooprama had a lovely hoop-y booth (that's where I take Zumba classes now that I LOVE!!) We then proceeded to Red Door East to meet up with friends for a mid-day happy hour. It was nice and low-key when we got there and Trina suggested we try the Red Eyes - any lighter tasting beer mixed with a splash of Bloody Mary Mix. They were yummy! Just spicy enough.

By the time the place got packed and after bringing in some BBQ from Tom's Elite BBQ, we headed out to the Red Head contest with our friend Zak (not sure how this zack spells it...I kinda hope he's a Zak without a "c"). We watched the cutie pie red-headed kids and met our friends Matt and Leslie and headed to Rumours. There we had yummy Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonades...they were quite refreshing.

Our day finished off with a fun show by our new friends Homemade Water. We danced a bit and chatted with them and headed home to make dinnner...shrimp pasta with basil and...tomatoes of course!!!

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