Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A new little treasure

A new little treasure
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I just love my new little stone heart from Kenya...I found it at World Market yesterday. I think the little blackbird on my coffee mug likes it too. He is quite intrigued.

So, our air conditioner is broken right now in our house...but we have really lucked out because it's been SO lovely here for the past few days. Normally we would be frying with no AC in Nashville in August, but at least at night these days it's been unseasonably cool. SUCH a blessing. I still don't want to have to sit here tomorrow afternoon and wait for the plumber for 4 hours if the AC isn't fixed. Call me crazy. We're having a lot of things repaired at the house right now. We also lucked out on that with the home warranty. I know this is a super interesting blog...you are all on the edge of your seat.

Ha...ok, now I'll try to be more interesting...well, I'm not coming up with anything. You can go here and try to win some prizes though...I haven't yet, but maybe you'll have some luck!

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