Thursday, August 6, 2009

Traveling necessities

Traveling neccesities
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Traveling back to Nashville today...I've added a necessary item to the list...a ziploc bag of Reese's Puffs cereal. The other necessity in the photo is the skirt you can barely see. I've recently realized a skirt is the way to go on the plane. No annoying seams or buttons to dig into your belly or nether-regions during the lovely flight in those wonderfully cushion-y airline seats.

This trip home puts an end to all my summer travels. I sure have been a lucky girl getting to go to all these fun places this year. It was nice to wrap it up with a trip home to see the family and a few friends. Sorry to those friends I didn't get to spend any time with (like my friend Jason Miller!) but I'll be back. It was nice to hang out with your wife and bitty Miller baby...can't wait to meet the little one when it arrives!

Here are some new inspiring blogs I've found check them out. These people are so creative!

Enjoy your day! xoxo


Jason said...

missed you too.. next time for sure..

Cassie Holder said...

those are some fantastic blogs ;)

Milton said...

Great to see you and rock out solid together. Hugs.

Laura said...

Thanks Cassie dear for hipping me to these lovely blogs :)