Thursday, July 30, 2009

New flowery skirt

New flowery skirt
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This is one of my Goodwill finds from the other day. I have to say I love the slightly over-the-top print. I'm definitely into prints these days. Think I'll wear this on the flight to Arkansas today.

I still need to pack my carry-on bag. I of course take a knitting project in the bag and usually take a couple of magazines. This time I'm lucky enough to take 2 brand new knitting magazines I just got in the mail. I'm also taking the laptop, a light sweater, a snack, my glasses, a couple of books - Dead Until Dark and The Yarn Harlot - and a shawl I knit that I don't want to risk getting lost in the checked luggage.

What do you take in your carry-on?


a mouse said...

oooh have a good flight!
i always take twizzlers and sparkling water
and my ipod with a harry potter audio book on it.
then wear a hoodie and tuck the earphones
up your back and when the stewardesses
tell you to turn it off. dont.

have fun! and i think i see your rents walking by!
ha ha ha

Laura said...

Thanks deary for commenting :) Twizzlers are now being added to my carry-on for the ride home...and a Harry Potter audio book is a lovely idea! Don't run over my parents when you forget which side of the road to drive on...ahahaha!! xoxoxo

a mouse said...

impossible! i just drive where there
is paving! which is eVERYWHERRREEE!!!

Laura said...

Hahaha...well, you must have just missed them b/c I picked them up at the airport last night...whew!! xoxoxoxxoxoxo be careful out there!!!