Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ishbel shawl

Ishbel shawl
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So, I finally finished the shawl this week. Such a fun little triangle to knit. I wound up doing the large size, but it's still a nice smallish size as far as shawls go. I love that I can wear it like this in the front. It's a little more updated I think.

I am now really taken by lace. I'm finishing up the Hemlock Ring Blanket this week and am going to start a Shetland Triangle out of Koigu next. Lace is so much fun to do and so rewarding. I think it's also what has gotten me out of my knitting slump. Yay!

Pinky isn't used to me being on full speed ahead knitting mode. I haven't really been this into it since we started dating. I am a little slow in the design world lately, even though I have had a few projects. I guess I got ramped up from those few designs and it's carried over into my knitting. I'm really glad to be back in the game now. Especially since I seemed to have quadrupled my yarn stash in the last year. I love being able to go upstairs and find yarn for a new project I want to knit. I'm very lucky. Not that I won't buy any in the near future, I'm sure I will, but it is very convenient to go upstairs to get my supplies. Plus, I sure do miss my favorite yarn store ever, Angel Hair...

It really isn't the same without that shop. I "grew up" as a knitter there, made one of my loveliest best friends in the world there, met my dearies Charisse and Izzy there, and of course fell madly in love with knitting. I have quite a bit of free time here and there now since I work at home and how I wish I had a place like Angel Hair to go now. I don't mind knitting at home by myself, but it's so fun to knit with others that love it as much as you do. I could go to Hendersonville or Brentwood to the other shops and they are nice, but they are pretty far and it's hard to pop over just for an hour or so. It's more of a half-day trip.

So, that's more than I intended to say today, but I find myself really longing for our lovely Angel Hair today. You are STILL missed and will always be loved!!!


jill louise said...

cute, cute, CUTE! Where did you get this pattern?!

Laura said...

This pattern is Ishbel, by Isolde Teague. I found it on Ravelry, I think it's $5-ish. It was SO fun to knit!!