Sunday, April 18, 2010

new sandals

I just ordered some sandals the other day and they came in the mail yesterday. They are my new faves!! They are from Sseko Designs, a company that employees women in Uganda. The women attend a leadership academy that enables them to learn a variety of skill sets to help build their careers.

The sandals themselves are so great! They have a slightly cushioned heel and are much more comfortable than a lot of flat sandals I've worn. The funnest part is that you can interchange the straps. I started with the black straps and also ordered red ones and blue and white striped. If you were really feeling spry, you could wear one color on one shoe and another on the other :)

If you're looking for some summer sandals to show off your latest pedicure, please consider ordering these. It's such a great program that you get to support by buying shoes! What more could you ask for.

Check out their lovely website to order a pair (or two! This would make a great Mother's Day gift!): Sseko Designs

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