Tuesday, April 27, 2010

baby blanket progress & trip to ATL

Here's the updated on the baby blanket. It's actually been really fun to make. I just finished sewing the center squares together. Next I will add a couple of rows of single crochet between the rows of squares. It's really coming together!In a Stitches South report, we had a lovely time in Atlanta last weekend. Stitches was fun and we all found some really beautiful yarn.I got some LIsa Souza alpaca and silk yarn to make a shawl and some great fingering weight Louet Gems merino in a silver color to make this cardigan: http://twistcollective.com/collection/index.php/component/content/article/75-fall-2009-patterns/407-pas-de-valse-by-marnie-maclean

We also hit up Ikea this weekend (of course!) and I've now organized our media cabinet. Yay! They have awesome boxes to organize DVD's, etc. Next up is to put together the shelf I bought there to store my yarn in. We got it upstairs, but I have yet to assemble it. Pictures of that soon! Hooray for organizing!

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