Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Craft Room Tour

Yay! I promised a post with the new Ikea shelf and here it is! I assembled it earlier today. It was really quite a quick and easy process. Honestly, it took as long to put 3 of the plastic drawers together as it did to put the whole shelf together! Well, ok, maybe not quite as long, but close. I LOVE how it looks in the craft room. Now I have a real piece of furniture to put the t.v. on, instead of the tower of red plastic bins you see next to it. Here are a few pictures from around the room:

It's finally starting to come together. I still have to work on the window seat area and organize the bookshelf a bit more. I'm really enjoying organizing my life over the past few days...thanks to Ikea!!


Cassimus T. said...

Love it! oh what I wouldn't give to work in a space like that....Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who is allowing me to use our spare bedroom for a voice studio/office- so someday I will have a great space of my own! right now a puppy is bunking in it though;)

Lauren Ebanks said...

I Love your craft room! It is so cool that you have an entire room dedicated to such a thing! I was wondering what color that is on your walls? Like the actual brand and color of the paint? It is beautiful!

Laura said...

Thanks!! It is very nice to have a whole craft room. I have a wonderful fiance who allowed me to take over the old office. :) As far as paint color, it's Behr brand and I think by just looking online it's Ocean Kiss. I can't remember the exact name but I know that one is really close!

faerie finder said...

aw looks sooo super perfect!
i wish i could come over and we could craft things!!!!
bisous & misses xoxoxoxo