Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blanket... still in progress

Blanket still in progress
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Well, I used to be one of those knitters that said "I'm never making an afghan. I can't imagine working on something for that long!" I'm all about handmade crafts, but it just seemed like a silly project that would not keep my interest.

Here it is a few months shy of a year later since I started the Barn Raising Quilt, knit on SIZE 2 needles in Koigu SOCK yarn. Yeah, guess I didn't heed my initial take on afghan knitting. I decided to do one on tiny yarn and tiny needles!

But...I have to admit. This project has been a joy to work on!!! It has taken quite a while, but I love having something to pick up in between other projects or when I don't want to concentrate. Pinky loves picking out yarn when we travel and is super excited about the day I finish this blanket. It really has been such an amazing thing to work on...collecting the beautiful hand-painted yarn...

I've only got 10 squares left to knit. Then I think I'll do some kind of crocheted border, though the pattern doesn't call for it. We'll see. All of this is to say I have enjoyed slowing down a bit, taking time to make something lovely that hopefully will be a family heirloom. It's worth the wait!

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faerie finder said...

this looks great!
i was trying to order koigu online and
the lady never had 10 balls of anything i wanted..
(i was going to make a jacket)
and i already paid!
so i just made a random order of 10 koigus!
i think im going to start a blankie too!!!
yay! this is gorgeouS!
how funny that i was picking out my colors last night!!!! xoxoxoxoxo