Saturday, April 10, 2010

a mini-house tour and dogs who hate having their picture taken

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This week marked an exciting change in our household...I repainted the dining room! I think everyone is probably tired of hearing about it, but being the fan of color that I am and being fairly picky about the colors that surround me, this was a big deal. Our dining room was previously vampire red (don't get me wrong, I love vampires, but I didn't want our house to resemble a crypt). Last week consisted of two coats of priming to kill the vampire...this week I went over the remains with a lovely slate blue. The Gliddon people call it "French Grey." I really am happy with how it turned out, especially against the pale green of our living room.

Not sure what our plans are for the dining room now that it's gotten a fresh coat of paint and the pool table is gone. We have a "breakfast nook" that fits a full dining room table quite nicely, so we don't need it to be an actual dining room. It will probably consist of some bookshelves, a low lounging couch, and a small desk by the end of it all. We'd like to leave the middle of the room open for yoga or exercising (now that the demonic wall color is gone).

Also gracing this blog post are a few pictures from around the kitchen. I love my little deer and cardinals who sit on the kitchen window sill....and my new little mini-garden of succulents. They are super cute.I also had to include some hilarious pictures of Kodi avoiding the camera. She went a little crazy yesterday when I got the camera out and started darting around the house and backyard. It was awesome because she's an old girl and rarely gets a wild hair like this anymore.

We just walked down to the local bakery a block from here to buy the best breakfast sandwiches in existence...a slice of egg casserole with green chiles on a soft, delicious cheese scone. A.Mazing. Sweeth 16th is the best bakery around. Seriously. And it's scary how close is it to our house.

It couldn't be a lovelier day today! I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as we have already!


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