Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm addicted

It's growing!
Originally uploaded by elletrain crocheting! Here's a photo of the latest project addiction, thanks to Charisse :) I'm making a blanket out of crocheted hexagons. It's very fun to pick out colors for each piece and add them on as I go. It's really starting to look like something, though I'm obviously far from the finished product.

I'm using Lion Brand Cotton yarn and it's got such a nice weight to it when crocheted like this. I think it will be a lovely blanket to curl up under. And the most exciting thing is it's finally getting cool here!!! Yay!!! So who knew I'd ever be working on 2 blankets at one time. I never used to even want to make 1.

I've found a cute tunic pattern to start next. I think it will be something I'll love to wear with leggings or skinny jeans. Here is a Ravelry link to my favorite version of it: Coral by Hiiragi

We will be learning how to crochet coasters at our next Craft Night on Oct. 6th. One option will be to make a hexagon like this. It should be a blast. I hope everyone enjoys this lovely Sunday. I hope you are having cool breezes that get you in the mood for fall where you are!

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a mouse said...

i LOVE this.
i was going to do one
that is a triangle shawl!
ha ha like a grandma!
sooo fun.
just need some
heh heh :) xoxoxoxoxox