Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby pandas have got to be the cutest EVER!

Ok, so most people who know me know I have an affinity for pandas. The Panda Cam dashboard widget saved me many times when I used to work in a more stressful job. They provided much solace when I would get overwhelmed with either creativity block or other job pressures when I was at my desk job. So, I went to look at the weather widget this morning on my dashboard and I found this tiny panda on the Panda Cam...a lovely close-up of this precious little thing!! Check it out here: Panda Cam

1 comment:

a mouse said...

i have been SOOOOOOOO obsessed with it lately!
the mom is sooo sweet ..
they way she cuddles the baby
and sort of tosses it around and licks
it .. the way they cuddle.. ah!!
ive been on it like a hawk
im so glad im not the only
one i know witnessing this
total miracle!!!!!!