Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monthly Craft Night Take 1

So...I think I mentioned this before but my friend Jill and I are starting a Monthly Craft Night...and the first one is this Thursday! I'm so excited...we have 12 people signed up to come. We're making headbands and hairpieces adorned with feathers, buttons, etc. I tried one out today and I think they're going to be lovely! This headband is pretty straight-forward and so super quick and easy to make.

The extra good news is that even if you can't come to the craft nights, I'm going to post the supplies, pictures, and information on our Craft Nashy Blog each month, so you can make your own project(s) at home! You have no excuse :)

Happy Crafting!


Cassie Holder said...

how fun! Wish I could join in the craftyness! At least I can (attempt) to partake from afar!

Laura said...

I wish you could join too! I'll post details though on the other blog so you can follow along :)