Friday, September 11, 2009

My amazing antique store find

OMG...look how amazing this hand-embroidered calendar is! I just bought it today at an antique shop here in Nashville. The pieces all have velcro so you move them around each month. I love that all of the months are displayed around the edge so you can continue to see their loveliness throughout the year. I just hung this up in my craft room/office. It fits perfectly and truly inspires me. This is why I love going to antique shops. I don't go that often, but I think I'll start going more after today's great purchases!

I also found, at another antique shop, a set of lovely napkins and placemats with a pretty lace edging. I bought some vintage lace too to hang on a beautiful blue-bird hook I have in the craft room. It hangs right behind where I sit and looks lovely against the pale robin's egg blue of my room.

I'm so excited about slowly getting the house decorated with lovely things. I'm trying my best to reuse stuff and find vintage stuff in order not to buy a lot of new crap. I'd say I'm doing pretty well at not buying as much new stuff as I used to. Plus, it's much more fun to buy something that has had a previous life or give something old a new one!

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