Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Kings

Ok, just saw Kings of Leon at the Ryman and they freaking ROCK! I know I'm probably too old to say that and still sound cool, but I don't really care. They are really absolutely awesome in concert and everyone that slightly likes rock music should see them. Please. Buy the tickets now. They are fun. Although, they didn't play one of my favorites, Day Old Blues. Oh well, I think they played every other song off of their new album as well as most of the songs off of their previous album. Very fun. I think I'll also decide not to see any bands anywhere else but the Ryman and smaller places. It makes such a difference. Well, I guess I have to go back on my word when I see U2 in November at the Phillips Arena in Hotlanta, but OTHER than that, nowhere else will I pay to see bands :) It's just too freaking great of a show at the lovely Ryman Auditorium. Beautiful. Love the history. Love the sound. The Pixies, Coldplay, and now KOL are the best shows I've seen there. Wish you coulda been there :) Sorry bout ya. Peace.

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