Friday, May 13, 2011

Porcelaine Paint Markers & the Hangout Fest

I recently discovered this lovely blog, AestheticOutburst. She hipped me to Pebeo Porcelaine Paint markers for writing and drawing on ceramic, porcelain, glass, and metal. I LOVE her teapot.

You can buy the markers from So fun! I really want to try these.

But maybe after the move.

We are getting closer and closer to the big day. We are hoping and hoping that the rental house we have an application on goes through today. It is a seriously trying process to find a good home rental in Portland when you live far away. Rental companies have not been the easiest to work with and are not good at responding to calls or emails. Frustrating! Isn't that their main job?? Anyhoo, this rental company finally responded, we were the first to get our application and deposit in and we LOVE the house. I will post pictures as soon as we know it's final. Just waiting for them to approve our application and do the credit/background checks. I hope all the paper work goes through without a hitch. This would be the relief I need! Finding a place will make it so much easier to picture ourselves out there. I have been a ball of stress lately over it all! That's why I've left the hunting up to my lovely and capable husband.

We're getting excited though to start on our new adventure. It's only just now starting to feel real. We were fortunate to find renters for our house this week as well. Thank goodness! Now it comes down to all the details. I'm much better at the details than I am at the big stressful parts :) I've numbered all of my boxes I've packed and made a list on the computer of what is in each one. SUPER helpful and I thank Real Simple magazine for the idea.

More on the big move later. We're off to Hangout Music Festival tomorrow! It starts next weekend, but we get a nice week at the beach before it starts. Thanks to our friends the Sloane's and their generosity! (They have a house down there where we get to crash!) I am hoping to hear about the house soon so I can really relax on the beach with a cold drink. Yay! More to come soon about all this craziness, but now I'm off to pack my swimsuits :) xoxo

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