Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great new music finds

I find I go through stages of wanting and finding new music and periods where I'm overloaded with too much. Well, lately I've been excited about finding some great stuff. Here is what I'm listening to now. The Civil Wars album is on sale for $3.99 digital download on Amazon today. Buy it!


I got to see them last weekend at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. It was an amazing show!!! I love Dave Grohl. We even had a fish named after him :) Here's a pic of Pinky and I from the festival, right before the show.

I'm also excited about the new My Morning Jacket album. Getting it today. We saw them as well at the festival and as usual they were incredible.

It was SO packed there this year compared to last year, their first year holding the festival. I so enjoyed the music this year, but the crowds were just too much. 5000 last year, 35,000 this year in the SAME amount of space. Too much Hangout Fest people. You gotta figure that out for next year because a festival on the beach is an amazing idea, but it needs to be more well-organized. We had a blast though regardless and are making a trip there an annual thing. Whether we go to the festival again is TBD, but we have such fun with our great friends down there hanging on the beach and eating TONS of fresh seafood. I can't even count the number of raw oysters I had. YUMMMMMMM.

Well, I'm off to pack some more. It's getting REALLY close to move day. We think it will be June 22nd but are waiting to hear a confirmation from the moving company. Btw, I have a lot of STUFF. I can't seem to pair it down as much as I want. I tell myself it's because I'm an artist/creative person...I need all of this stuff for inspiration, right? ♥♥♥♥♥

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