Friday, January 29, 2010

* * * snow!!! * * *

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So, it's actually snowing here in Nashville, a real snow that's coming down beautifully. The roads are still clear, but the ground is covering quite quickly. We are so excited around here when it snows because it seems we never quite get to enjoy that side of winter. It's quite hilarious to see everyone get so enthralled over something that happens daily in other parts of the country this time of year.

Our plans for the weekend: get Pinky home before the roads get bad (check! He just walked in!), fire in the fireplace (check! we are lucky to have an easy gas fireplace), indulge in a few adult beverages (we've been taking January off, so we're ready!), watch some movies (Pinky's never seen The Godfather and we just got it from Netflix!), and probably bake something (I'm craving peanut butter cookies!!!).

I will also be playing with my new iPhone app, Tiltshift Generator (simulates a DSLR camera). These photos were all adjusted with the app and I think they turned out quite lovely!

Bundle up out there and enjoy the snow if you have some where you are. I LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE it!! ♥

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Amy said...

Aw I love the snow too...we had about a foot of it earlier in the month but it's all gone now :( Unfortunately in England everyone but the kids see it as a hindrance...luckily I'm off to the French Alps tomorrow where they've had 13cm of fresh powder today! Enjoy your nesting and bundling up warm! :D