Friday, January 22, 2010

A pocket, a locket...

Well I managed to check something great off of my to do list today...put pictures of me and the Pinkster in my locket! Let's see, how long have I had this locket and how long has it taken me to put our mugs in it...well, we won't get into that and make me feel like a slacker.

Here are some ideas for how to get your photo to fit in a locket. It's easy if you know Photoshop (oooooh, Photoshop?!).

-Measure your locket face as closely as you can and remember that measurement.

-Open your photo in Photoshop or another application that allows you to crop with a circle tool.

-Use the circle marquee tool on your favorite photo of you and your favorite of your honey (be sure to hold down the shift key while you draw the circle so it will stay an even circle).

-When you have the circle the size you want, crop the photo. Then, go to image size and size it to the approximate measurement of your locket face.

Here's the kicker for making sure you don't have to print a million times...
-Copy the cropped tiny circle onto a new document the size of your photo paper.

-Make a bunch of "copies" of your photo and scale them up and down slightly from the original. I wound up having to use a lot smaller photo than what I had measured. Making lots of options before you print your photo on the printer makes it much less annoying when you're trying to get one to fit! You'll have lots of sizes to choose from.

-Cut out the photo(s) that looks like it will fit best, try it in the locket, trim it a little, and voila!

I hope you'll finally get some lovelies in your locket now, too! Or go buy a locket if you don't have one. They are very special ad pretty. Gee, I kinda have a lot of freckles, huh??


Cassimus T. said...

so good to know! I've had my locket for almost 4 years and have never figured out how to put a decent picture in it! Lovely:)

faerie finder said...

oooohhh photoshop? hehehehe
ive got will (simons youngest) saying that with me now.. he is always like
oooh the internet? yeah. yeah. yeah.

this is a VERY clever and bril tutorial!
never would have thought of making several
sizes at once!