Saturday, December 26, 2009

I dreamt of a white Christmas...

...and I got one! Our Christmas was so lovely here in NW Arkansas. There was a beautiful snow that started on Christmas Eve and was just enough to cover the landscape with a few perfect inches. We woke up to a gorgeous sunny white Christmas!

It has been a lovely time with family and friends and food and fun. Beautiful gifts were exchanged and quality time was spent together. We have this one last day here before we head back to Nashville tomorrow. A movie and dinner with my family tonight. Today we're going to go pick up my new iPhone from my sweetie :) We've enjoyed playing his Rock Band game I gave him and have had a blast spending time playing it with my brother (who is actually in a rock band.)

I sure love this time of year and get really sad when it's over, but thank goodness for New Year's Eve and some fun plans on the horizon that night. We'll be spending it with dear friends in East Nashville. Have a blessed New Year and enjoy the rest of the holiday season!!!

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