Monday, December 7, 2009

Where I want to live and catching up

Well, I have been out of it for a while and not so great at posting. But, you will be excited about this post. I'm really just reposting something from Design*Sponge, one of my most favorite blogs. This is the home of Elise Vaughn, an Aussie now living in Idaho. She opened a vintage boutique there. Don't you just adore her colors in her home? I wish I could have a turquoise couch!!! Ours is tan :(

And I LOVE her headboard too! This has been my year of yellow and this is such a happy rich yellow color. Maybe if I contact her she'll just let me stay there for a few days for some inspiration!!
Here's a link to the full article on Design*Sponge:

So, I'm finally winding down my Christmas knitting. I think I'm almost done. I have one pair of fingerless gloves left to make and that's it! I've actually been knitting so fervently that I've almost injured my left shoulder and have to go more often to the chiropractor/massage therapist!! There are worse things than massages to HAVE to have done often though. I just need my strength back because I still have the knitting fever! I went through a slump earlier this year, so I'm trying to take full advantage of this urge to knit 24/7.

What have you been making as Christmas gifts? Don't you just love being able to create things for people? It's so gratifying in so many ways. Here are a few gifts I've made this year (can't tell you who they're for in case they read this!!)


Cassimus T. said...

ooh i want that bed....
I made a pair of those fingerless gloves! I have to say, one of the easiest and most gratifying patterns I've done in a while..they're so nifty!

Christina B. said...

I love that Headboard, it just so classic and cute. ; )