Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elliot & Cassie's Wedding

We just got back from NW Arkansas on Monday. We were there for my little brother Elliot's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and two fun parties (between the rehearsal dinner at my dad's and the reception at the country club). We had a great time hanging with family and celebrating the adorable couple. Pinky was the official photographer and got some really great shots.

My favorite moment was when I got to dance with my grandad. He is in his late 70's and still works full-time as a general contractor. He also builds cars (he took the bride and groom away in a refurbish '65 Mustang convertible). He and my grandmother danced to a couple of songs as well and were so cute. They used to go to the Elk's Club every Friday night to dance when they were younger.

Elliot and Cassie really enjoyed themselves at the wedding. Elliot is 8 years younger than me, so it was so weird to have my little bro getting hitched! They are such an adorable couple though and I know they will be very happy together. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished embroidered hand towels I made them. Ugh. We are also giving them a weekend trip to Nashville to come visit us. Cassie may be looking into a Master's program here in the next 2 years, so it'll be fun to have them visit so they can fall in love with it and move here! That's my evil plan :)

Pinky is getting quite good at catching the garters at the weddings we attend. He caught it again. I caught the bouquet too, but apparently the first toss was a practice one.

Congrats to my little bro and his new wife. They are having a blast, I'm sure, in Orlando right now, at Disneyworld. I think that's Elliot's favorite place on the planet. Love you little bro!!!

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Cassie H. said...

I love your evil plan ;)