Monday, June 1, 2009

dinner napkins

dinner napkins
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So, finally I've made 2 of the 8 dinner napkins I planned on making a few weeks ago. These went quick except for the cutting adjustments I had to make b/c the "fat quarters" weren't originally cut very straight. Other than that, these were super quick and easy. Just buy 8 "fat quarters" in 2 different complimentary fabrics, a little cutting, a little sewing, and voila! You have reusable napkins in the fabric of your choice. I got tired of looking for home decor items...nothing pre-made impressed me. And this turned out to be so easy!

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a mouse said...

hi babes!!!! had SUCH a lovely time with you here!
wish wish wish you could come back tomorrow :)
hey! ive been embroidering stuff too!! how funny
is that!? anyway.. miss you .. love you..
glad you are back safe and sound!