Friday, July 15, 2011

favorite spot

Well, as you know we just moved into our house here and there are boxes everywhere and we're far from settled. I just read this lovely post from Aesthetic Outburst though, talking about favorite spots in your home or someone else's. It encouraged me to photograph my one favorite spot. It's hard to get a great picture of it right now, what with all of the boxes in the way, but I just LOVE my 'new' vintage flag and the turquoise vases next to it. As well as the lovely built-in that our rental house came with. I've lovingly arranged all of our stemware and beer glasses in it and I couldn't be happier with this little corner of our crazy world.


Bianchii said...

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Emma Robertson said...

How lovely! I really like how is this is done.


Laura said...

Thank you so much! The vintage flag is my pride and joy right now :) xo