Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring faves

Spring faves by elletrain
Spring faves, a photo by elletrain on Flickr.
So, I'm addicted to nail polish. I may have mentioned this before. Here are a few of my favorites for this Spring. The nice thing is, they are cheap brands, too! And unlike OPI lately for me (which I still love) they seem to stay on really well. I have had to cut out manicures from my budget lately since we're moving, but I've been greatly impressed with the staying power of these inexpensive polish brands. My next goal is to find a great shelf in which to display all of my nail polish in my bathroom. Or in which to display SOME of my nail polish. I have a lot. Maybe a cool vintage spice rack? I hope I find something cute.

New awesome ring

Here is a photo of the orange I'm wearing today, with a cute new eagle ring I scored at an amazing new shop in East Nashville called Old Made Good. It's vintage AND handmade AND super cool. Plus, they gave me a margarita when I walked in today! I think it's their grand opening. PLEASE visit if you are in Nashville. You will love it. Happy Weekend!! xoxo

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knudsonerica said...

I am addicted to nail polish, too!