Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Foxy foxy & a new tattoo

I just bought the pattern for this cutie yesterday. I can't wait to stitch his portrait! I have a print done by the same artist of the same Mr. Fox. Love love him. You can buy him and other lovelies on Sublime Stitching's website.

In other exciting news, I'm getting my second tattoo (and third!) on Friday. Yay! I have pondered it for years, since getting my first. I saw my inspiration on another blog, but I'm not sure of the original source. It's a flock of birds and I'm getting it on my left wrist. It's to honor my time in Nashville and the amazing things I've done, learned, and experienced here. I'm migrating to another place, but this is where I found my wings. :) Just to get a little sappy fer ya.

The third tattoo is to show a little (and I mean a tiny bit) of love to my husband. Don't worry. Not getting the name Pinky tattooed on my bicep or anything :) Ha! Just a bit of something in honor of my sweetie. Photos to come as soon as they are ready to show off!

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