Sunday, March 28, 2010

This may ruin the surprise later, but...

I just designed Pinky and I's thank you notes today for our wedding. I'm so excited about how they turned out that I definitely can't wait until we send thank you notes out 8 months from now to show you!!! I saw some cute designs online that were in a similar style, but that were painted. I love using Illustrator so I thought I'd try my hand at making us in cartoon/"little people" style for the notes. It was so fun! Curly hair was hard to do, but Pinky suggested the "lightning bolt" method and it worked great :) Not sure if I'll print them on bright white or an ivory, but I think they turned out pretty fun!

In other news, we're repainting the dining room!! Yay!! I've wanted to do that for over a year. We sold the pool table that was taking up that room on Friday and went and got our NO VOC paint, FreshAire brand, yesterday. I'm painting the room a slate gray/blue color, pretty dark. As I said on my FB & Twitter status earlier, I'm 'slaying' the vampire red color that was in there, so I'm calling myself the Buffy of painting for the next few days. I am of course very proud to carry that title for a little while :) I'm about to start the 7th and final season of Buffy in the next few days and I'm super sad to see this show end for me! I've been loving it. To death.

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Cassimus T. said...

LOVE the TY notes! so cute!:D