Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pinky and the perfect purse

Wedding stamps
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SO, this last week I really scored. I got our lovely custom made stamps for our wedding in the mail. Aren't they so lovely and adorable!!?? I ordered them from Sugarletter on Here is the link to this stamp set:

It's great because we have a Save the Date stamp, one for the invitations with just my name, and then one with both our names for after we're married (for thank you notes, etc.). It's the perfect set! Plus, it's nice that last names aren't on the final stamp due to our unique circumstance with Pinky's names :) I guess we can put Pinky Gonzales and Laura Jansen on stuff. Ha! I may make him hyphenate his last name!! Gonzales-Jansen. Sweet.

In other good news, I found the perfect purse! As you know that can be a life long adventure, almost as difficult as finding the right man :) Almost. I'm not THAT shallow. Anyhoo, here is a pic of it and I'm loving this guy!! 2010 is promising to be a great one folks. Can I get an amen?? xoxo


Lauren Ebanks said...

AMEN! Getting married is so so so fun! Congrats! and that bag is so cute! ;D

Amy said...

Those stamps are beautiful! Good idea on leaving out the surnames, they can always be sorted out later. The bag is gorgeous too :D