Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I'm a horrible blogger lately! Here's a little pic for ya though from last night, waiting in line to watch Where the Wild Things Are. We were first in line...ahaha. We got to see it at the IMAX and it was amazing. It was like we were in the forest with Max. What a beautiful adaptation of the book this was. I had forgotten what an amazing story it is...such a sweet but sad tale about a wild little boy with a superb imagination. Go and see it!

In other news, I'm starting way too many knitting/crochet projects these days. I guess that's what happens this time of year. Progress is good on the Koigu blanket and has slowed a bit on the crocheted hexagon blanket. I'm of course starting Christmas gifts as well and really want to get a sweater project going, but I can't seem to decide on what to make.

We got a cozy coffee table yesterday...apparently called "cocktail ottoman." It's a leather, upholstered coffee table and is so much nicer to put my feet up on than the glass table was. It looks really nice in here as well. All in time for many comfy afternoons inside knitting and watching football! We also just had chili for lunch, too, one of my favorite cool-weather meals. I know you love this time of year as much as I do! Happy Fall! xoxo

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