Monday, January 26, 2009

Random facts

Random facts
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This is apparently the new thing to do right now on Facebook. It was actually fun to create a list of random facts. Here are mine:

1. I despise slow driving in the left-hand lane...I wish I were German b/c I learned they ticket people for this on the Autobahn! Sweet!

2. If I ever collected something, besides yarn, it would be Japanese tea sets.

3. I wish people would realize there are others in the world besides them.

4. I sing to my dog Mattie...usually pop songs where her name is in each line at least once. She loves it.

5. I used to pretend to put makeup on my dog Mattie while I was getting ready in the morning and tell her how beautiful she looked. She loved it.

6. My favorite kind of beer is a porter, like London Porter at Bosco's. Yum.

7. I really want to learn Italian, Portuguese, and more French. So many languages and so little time. Does Rosetta Stone really work??

8. I prefer aisle seats in a plane, unless I know the person I'm traveling with. It's for easy bathroom access, though I hate going to the bathroom on a plane.

9. I have one, only one, double-jointed finger.

10. My favorite TV show is CBS Sunday Morning.

11. At one point my exercise routine was dancing around my apartment each morning. I lived in a second floor apartment.

12. I am addicted to watching my boyfriend play Tetris, more so than playing it myself. I LOVE how all the shapes fit into one another. It's so rewarding. You'd think I'd be more organized than I am.

13. I've been accused many times of running jokes into the ground. Your face runs jokes into the ground.

14. I can't stand Chuck Norris' political/social views but I LOVE Chuck Norris jokes. Chuck Norris CAN believe it's not butter.

15. I was an honorary East Nashvillian before I actually lived over here, thanks to my friend Jane. I love the East-side and was SO proud of that title.

16. I really wanted to be a ballerina but I have bad feet and was too short.

17. I am a bargain shopper, thanks to my mom. It's kinda like the watching Tetris addiction. I LOVE paying a sale price for something. It's so rewarding.

18. I never read the newspaper because I can't stand the feel of newsprint. It makes my teeth hurt. My hands are sweating right now just thinking about newsprint. Ugh.

19. I've seen the movie Rushmore at least 25 times.

20. I'm fascinated with visiting aquariums but terrified of being in the ocean. Have you seen my picture of the giant spider crab??

21. I love quoting funny movies but wish I could remember more lines. I tend to quote the same ones over and over. 'If we'd have wanted em to be wimps, we'd have named em Dr. Quinn & Medicine Woman!'

22. I am obsessed with maps and knowing where I am at all times. Only 2 years ago I bought a set of States & their Capitols flashcards and had people in my office test me on them.

23. I won a contest in elementary school for knowing all the US Presidents in order. I got to ride in a sleigh in the Christmas parade with my friend Tim who also knew the presidents. He lives in DC now. I bet he impresses his friends all the time.

24. I want another tattoo, either of a cardinal or hummingbird. Cardinals are said to be your ancestors watching over you and hummingbirds are my dad's favorite.

25. I love all my friends and keeping in touch with them on Facebook, but I hate when they send me snowballs, yarn, candy, hi-fives, beers, etc. through Facebook apps. Those things are fake. Give me a REAL beer or a REAL ball of yarn. Then I'll like you even more. :)