Monday, July 11, 2005

Top 10 Movies, of the moment

Here it is. The next installation of The Top 10. I'm hoping people will get into this top 10 movies thing. These don't have to be of all time, because that's too hard. Just movies you're into right now. Here goes:
(in no particular order...i don't have THAT much time!)

1. Amelie...Just got the soundtrack and this will probably ALWAYS be on my top 10 movies list!

2. Napoleon Dynamite..."do the chickens have large talons?"

3. Batman Begins...yes, I love super hero movies and this one probably tops them all. It's worth it kids!

4. Rushmore...will probably accompany Amelie in all of my top 10 movie lists. "It's a.... jellyfish!"

5. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...oh so girlie and much much better than it looks.

6. Finding Neverland...So incredibly imaginative and great. Love Johnny.

7. Love Actually...a girlie, feel-good movie that even The Don likes!

8. Harry Potter movies...not as good as the books, but still quite entertaining.

9. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory...Ok, so I haven't seen this YET, but I know it will make the list!

10. Caddy Shack..."So, I, uh, got that goin' for me. Which is nice."

Okay, so please post your list. Then, we'll all be reminded of movies we like and can rent them while Dennis rains us out of pool time this week. Hasta!


Jane said...

Check mine out here!

David Dewese said...

1. Groundhog Day
2. Grace Of My heart
3. Rushmore
4. The Godfather
5. Bottle Rocket
6. Swingers
7. Lost In Translation
8. Return To Me
9. Harold and Maude
10. The Doors

Laura said...

A guy who has Return to Me on his top 10 movies list has gotta be a great guy!