Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my new addiction

Well, it seems tonight I'm full of ideas I want to share with you. I'd like to let you in on my newest favorite treat. I have rediscovered my love for hot tea and recently got two amazingly scrumptious black teas. The first one I got was from a local tea shop I found called Townshend's Tea Company. Luckily, they are just up the street from me! AND they are super close to a lovely yarn shop and a cute fabric store. I am a lucky girl. From them I purchased Creme de la Earl Gray. OMG it is delightful. In fact my brewing timer just went off and a cup of it is ready! I add a tiny bit of sugar and some milk.

The second kind I'm loving is called Moon Over Madagascar that I ordered from Tea Source. It has Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar in the blend! Mmmmm. I drink it the same way, a bit of sugar and some milk. Both of these smell amazing in addition to their taste. If you love a cup of tea at a time, I would highly recommend getting one of these amazing Gravity Teapots. I have loved mine so much! No more fumbling with a fussy tea strainer or tea ball. This is so nice and easy and fits right over most cups. (It won't fit over giant coffee mugs though, I have found out. But it easily fits over the cute teacups I've gotten from places like Anthropologie :)

If you like rich, black teas you'll love these two. I should probably not drink it before bedtime, but I can't get enough! Morning and night for me right now. It's kind of a nice dessert or accompaniment to one. And just like chocolate, tea always makes everything better, right?

Keep Calm & Carry On...

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Lois Leigh-Ann said...

ahh those teapots are like magic! i want one! x