Friday, February 11, 2011

Leaving Mexico and a fun new knitting technique

Well, in 2 hours we leave this beautiful place for the airport. What a wonderful winter vacation it has been. I am so fortunate to have family who LOVES Mexico. What an incredibly gorgeous place with delicious food and kind people. I am always sad to go! I sure am excited to see my Mattie-girl though and to get back to get some stuff done. Lace*Paper*Flowers has a bridal show coming up in March, so I've got to get back and get to work! I need to make a book for my sample invitations/paper goods and we need to gather items for our table displays. It'll be a fun exciting show, I hope! It's at the Factory in Franklin, TN which is a really cool, interesting location. (Not a random, nasty-carpeted convention center, yay!) I'm looking forward to seeing what happens from the show and whether we get some additional brides to work with. 

In knitting news, I just found a tutorial through Ravelry that teaches the double knitting technique. I've always been curious about this and sort of had an idea of how it worked, but I've never seen it explained this clearly. It really makes me want to try it! Heidi Bears does a lovely job of explaining it on her blog.
I've looked up a couple of patterns that use the double knitting technique. Here is a really interesting folk style blanket and below, a cute elephant pot holder. Double knitting makes a great scarf as well that is double sided, always a plus for a scarf. 

I hope you'll try the technique, too! I think it looks like the tricky part is just holding onto both yarns and getting a good rhythm of going back and forth between knitting and purling. A simple two color scarf or potholder would be good to start with to get the feel for it before trying the color work, but it would be easy to jump into these lovely designs after that. Good luck and Happy Friday!!

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