Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The snow is melting and the green cardi is finished!

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green cardi with buttons

So, we had a lovely weekend of being snowed in and besides making fun pallets on the floor (everyone now loves that word pallet!), it also gave me a chance to get some knitting DONE. I thought this cardigan pattern would be nice and quick, but due to the tediousness and s.l.o.w. speed of the double moss stitch it took a bit longer than I expected.

It's now finished though and I made my deadline of finishing before we left for vacation in Mexico. Yay! I sewed the buttons on today and am quite happy with the finished result. I have a feeling it will be the go-to cardigan to wear around the house as well as a quick jacket to throw on when it's not too terribly cold out.

The pattern is from the book Autumn by Kim Hargreaves and is called "Beth." I used 13 skeins of Rowan Little Big Wool and made a size large in the pattern so it would turn out to be a size small in real life. The yarn is smaller than the Big Wool the pattern calls for. I was super lucky and it fits just right! I did do a tiny bit of math to make sure it wouldn't turn out super small or super large, but mostly I just guessed, because that's how I roll.......

So, today the snow is melting and I was able to get out and buy more buttons and run other errands. It's really fun being stuck at home for a few days, but it's also fun to have your freedom back!

I'm really excited about our craft night tonight. We're doing cross stitch and I found an adorable deer head that I made a pattern out of. PLUS, it's the premiere of the final season of LOST and we're having a watch party right after craft night :) Maybe we'll cross stitch the hatch numbers...bahahahaha. New post soon at Craft Nashy!!


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jill louise said...

Not gonna lie...I was VERY jealous of your cardi when I saw it last night. I need me one of these...loooks so comfy! Thanks again for hosting craft night last night :)