Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goodwill strikes again... my awesome find

Yay! A new coat for $6! It's from Sears, back in the 70's. Love this. I've been looking for one for a while. I didn't find much else at Goodwill today, but this was an awesome purchase. I also bought a couple of books at the bookstore today for Christmas gifts. When all else fails, buy books. You know some people are very difficult to buy for and I feel like it should almost be required to send out a Christmas wish list to all of your family so they know what to get you. In fact, I will send one out to my family right now! I think it will include:

-gift certificate to OR, or to Bliss Yarns, my local yarn shop
-anything from the home section of Anthropologie (esp. if there's a bird on it)
-a list of some of my favorite sellers on (including matteart, sarahearn, and chezsucrechez)

...and maybe a gift card to Goodwill...hahahaha!

Help your family out...send them a wishlist!

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Anonymous said...

or even better, create one at Amazon. You can know add things to your wish list from any place on the web - it doesn't have to be part of the Amazon store. I've got one set up for me and quinn!