Thursday, January 19, 2006

life in a list

Back to it, here's another list, my favorite way to blog:

january=weirdness, there has been snow!, yummy enchiladas with sticky cheese, Nathan & Sally are married!, all of my friends are engaged or married, wouldn't mind being engaged or married myself, would do for a boyfriend first though, have been knitting up a storm, winter=kinda lonely, colds suck!, i'm clumsy these days, cold weather=Mattie hyper, new cool stuff for the apartment, i'm an adult and have chosen to combine renter's and auto insurance, fixing my back and breaking the bank, penguins are the ultimate example of community, we are all either freaks or geeks, new black Edward Scissorhands boots rock my socks off, we're throwing a party on Feb. 4! Aquarians-roll out, life is good, life is weird, life is confusing, make new friends and sometimes keep the old, 10 year reunion planning, I'm old, lots-o-birthdays, lots o TV lately=brain-dead Laura, new old friends found through myspace, new friends on IM, am I a cyber-chick now?, will NOT go on an online dating service, am still old-fashioned, want to be swept off my feet, he's coming-i just know it, God what am I supposed to learn here?, missing an old friend too much, want to end on a good note...going to see Feist soon :), will eat chocolate ice cream with Magic Shell tonight, TGIF

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