Wednesday, September 21, 2005


So...your life changes over the course of 2 hours Where are you then? Stuck figuring out what the heck happened here??? You're with someone you think you know and you think you're going to spend your life with, and BAM! they do a 180 on you and throw you completely for a loop. So, hence, last week sucked big time.

BUT, this is a new week and a new era in my life. I am realizing things I should have noticed before. I need to be with someone more like myself. Not exactly like me, but more similar, so we can understand each other. I need someone positive and goofy and who enjoys life. Because that's me. I have been blessed (at least I look at it this way) with chronic optimism. I KNOW things will work out fine and be ok. I get stressed like we all do, but I have an absolute deep down gut feeling everytime that things will work out in the end. I need someone that believes that also.

I know few people read this, but if you're reading this, PLEASE realize that you need to be true to yourself before you can give your life to someone else. You have to be grounded in who you are and know that you can stand on your own before you can be good at standing beside someone else. Above all, this is what I've learned over the past year. Love God, love your neighbor, LOVE YOURSELF...and then you'll be ready to love your soul mate, life long friend, partner. It has to work that way or it won't work. I realize that now.

"Can I be used to help others find truth..."

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John Nelson said...

It's also handy to marry a woman with great patience and a good sense of humor (at least, that worked out well in my case!)