Friday, August 20, 2004

it's hot again

Well kids, guess that hint of fall is over. It was in the 90's again yesterday here in Nashvegas. Fall schedule is beginning though with lots of busy-ness and activity. Don has started cross country season with his team camp this weekend at his parent's cabin in Dale Hollow, TN. I guess they do alot of running around in the hills while they're there. Have fun Don!

School starts on Monday. I'm so glad to not have night classes and am glad to be in my very last year at Watkins. What a wonderful school though. Please check out the website. I will be doing updates for it this semester as I am the "web" work study. In addition to that, 3 classes and working at echo, I will try to be true to my knitting passion this fall. Cooler weather is the best time to start knitting, so if you don't know how, PLEASE LEARN! It's fun and rewarding. Contact me for good info on how to learn, what to knit, etc.

Last thing...August is family month in Nashville. Christy, Dad, Mamma, and Elliot came to visit last weekend. Jon and his band will be through here Sunday and then Mom and John are getting here Thursday for a long weekend. I welcome anyone who'd like to visit this fine city of ours. Good luck to everyone as the fall begins. It's a busy time of year, but my favorite!

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